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Tilapia Bento

March 19, 2010

Mmmm I get to indulge in some Tilapia today! My son is allergic, so the only time I can eat it is if I cook it for my lunch after he goes to bed. So it’s a rare occasion that I still have energy to cook  after putting the kids down for the night. 🙂 I had strawberries again today because I need to use them before they go bad, and the chocolate sprinkles actually go really well with them. I need to spice up my veggie variety though, carrots are getting a little tiresome. I’m thinking of getting some eggplant and grilling it or something, I’ve never had it but they say it tastes like a potato when you grill it so it can’t be that bad….more on that later I suppose! Sorry for the dark photos, my 1995 Nikon camera has never been my best friend, but I am hoping to get a new one soon! Anyway, Happy Friday to all!

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