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Lemon Bars

March 15, 2010

Ah, spring is here! We just got back from our Spring Break trip and I feel refreshed and overwhelmed at the same time, so much to catch up on! We came home to some gorgeous weather that just begged for a picnic and playground date. After all that fun in the sun I was feeling the spring mojo and whipped up some lemon bars. I was fortunate enough to cash in on the sale at Kroger this week for lemons too 🙂 . I wanted to try this recipe that I had found on FoodGal because it had over a cup of fresh lemon juice. 😀 It has a delicious balance between sweet and tart. I did run into one snafu that was all my fault, I had cooked the crust on top of parchment paper  without realizing that as it cooked with the filling the crust floats to the top, so the filling was on top of the parchment paper….it was easy enough to fix, I just inverted it into another pan and scraped the filling off the paper. It obviously doesn’t have a crispy top, but I added the vanilla wafers and I think I like that even better! 😀 So note to self, don’t bake this with parchment paper!

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  1. March 16, 2010 12:19 am

    Glad you salvaged it so cleverly, and that you liked the taste so much. It truly does have such a bright lemon flavor and the most incredible smooth texture of any lemon bar filling.

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